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A Tribute to the Bike

The bike is a marvel of human engineering.  A way to transport people in an energy efficient manner, quickly and under their own power.  Gears! What can you say about gears! OMG... incredible gears, affording us the ability to shift and find the right gearing to make it up a steep hill, or to go faster when you have a tailwind.  And let's not forget the wheels... round hoops that roll along the surface, tensioned ingeniously by spokes.  Simply develop the balance to stay upright, pedal, and you're leveraging the benefits of one of the most incredible inventions of mankind EVER... The Bike. Just me... on my Bike. As you can tell, I'm a huge fan of the Bike. I started riding one as a kid around my neighborhood with my friends. It was a black framed Huffy.  Loved that gave us the freedom and independence to get around without relying on our parents.  We'd race them around the neighborhood, jump over stuff, and just have a great time. Great memories... eve
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Intermittent Fasting: Good or Bad? My Experience

"I used to be a big breakfast eater.  Remember, 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!". Whatever... this was probably propaganda created by the huge breakfast cereal industry. Marketing genius at it's finest, right? Get the population to believe you need sugary, high carb and low nutrition value cereals in order to function at a high level during the day. Genius I say! " I like to experiment on myself when it comes to performance.  As an athlete, I've used myself as a guinea pig for years, experimenting with different training concepts and methodologies.   Same with diets.  I remember trying a super high carb diet many years ago, when 'high carb' was considered ideal for long course triathletes.  I ate a loaf or two of bread each day, and lots of rice cakes.  LOL.... I started to become doughy, like the bread I was eating! I also went vegetarian for awhile, eliminating meat from my diet entirely. I was racing a lot at the time, and

What In the Heck is Adventures by Troy & Co.?

The Southwest, and Arizona in particular. I love this place. It's wide open skies, the mountains, the nearly perfect weather, the culture.  Let me share with you a little bit of history and why I am embarking on the Adventures by Troy & Co. journey as one of my entrepreneurial endeavors! I grew up in Maryland. I love that place too, but for different reasons. It's where I'm foundation was formed there.  Most of my family still lives in the general area, and it's a great place in which the grow up.  Four seasons, a vibrant culture, proximity to mountains, farmlands, big cities the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean are all at your fingertips.  And let's not forget the I-95 corridor.  Hop on and head south or north, and you're on your way to some of the most interesting and biggest cities on the East Coast. Or, in an hour from where I lived, you can be in our Nation's Capitol, the hub of the federal government and the free world, and some of the m

The BIG 33! - High Performance Living Ideas

I put some thought into what strategies and tactics are key to living a high performance life, at least for me in my journey, and came up with what I call... The BIG 33!   I realize that everyone has their own list of concepts, ideas and personal truths, and that results may vary, but take a moment to look over the BIG 33 , and see if they align with yours.  And if so, which are most important to you? Or, do you have others to add? Please share your ideas. Keep it Simple.  Life is best lived if it’s grounded in the fundamentals.  Keep it simple, as complexity dilutes focus and causes conflict. Get up early in the morning.  New ideas, innovative thoughts and self care happen when the rest of the world is asleep. Hard work matters ,  especially when combined with ‘smart work’.  There are no shortcuts to success. Hard work is imperative, but so is a smart strategy. Balance the two components. Make things happen .  Take action on a daily basis to set the foundation for future

Hustle... Make things Happen!

"Can't Knock the Hustle." - Weezer. Are you someone who is in constant motion, pushing yourself to do things that will help you get the results you so desire?  I call it 'hustle', and to me, it's about making things happen... constantly.  Click on the link below to hear more. Do you Hustle? Do you Hustle? In my experience, very little comes to you unless you create the opportunity for it to. In other words, the actions you are taking right now will influence who you are and what you are doing 6 months from now, a year from now, 3 years from now (you get the picture!). Take, for example, your education and career.  Most of you reading this are professionals, working in a field that requires certain specific skillsets and education... both of which took time and effort to achieve.   You have your profession because years ago, you hustled, and worked hard to get your education, setting up the opportunities you have today.  When we're younger, we m

3 Reasons I Fail to Achieve my Goals

It’s that time of year again!    The New Year is just around the corner, so it’s time for everyone to pause in order to reflect on the past, and make their New Year’s resolutions.   We create BHAG’s (Big, Hairy and Audacious Goals), and drive towards them with a burst of tremendous energy and enthusiasm.   Goals like losing weight, finding a better job, starting a new business, improving money management or improving a relationship are all fairly common.    Inevitably, that energy and enthusiasm begins to falter, usually around the 2 nd or 3 rd week of January, and we’re back to the status quo.   “Oh well!”, we tell ourselves, “I’ll start up again next month.” Sound familiar? I know I’ve done this more times than I can remember, and I’ll likely do it again.    The question I keep asking myself is “Why?”. Why do I fail to succeed at accomplishing things that are so important to me?     Intellectually, and as a linear thinker, I know ‘how’ to succeed.   It’s a step by step pro

2017 Tucson Cycling Camp Report

Tucson is such a great place in which to ride a bike.  The terrain varies from steep mountain climbs to false flats, and everything in between.  Factor in awesome weather at this time of year (70's and 80's) along with bright sunny skies,  and it's pretty hard to beat. Tucson Cycle Camp Class of 2017! I started doing triathlon and cycling camps in Tucson in 2001 with my friends, Colleen Kelly and Mike Urquhart, who lived in Flagstaff at the time.  Our first camp attracted 15 triathletes from throughout the U.S., and we based it out of Starr Pass Resort.  Needless to say, we were a little 'green' at the time with regard to the Tucson camp management and logistics! Looking back at that time, I'm just happy to say no one got hurt or killed!  Flash forward over 15 years, and we offer very 'dialed in' training camp experiences where safety and participant experience is most important.  Wow, what a long ride it's been... with an estimated 300+